Warehouse - Our Specialty

warehouse pic 3.jpg

TIC started out mainly focusing on air and sea freight, helping countless clients get their goods at the right time and right place. We always aim to give our clients a peace of mind by ensuring the logistics side is well handled. 

Over the years, we noticed that transportation only covers half of client's problems. The other half is storage and we want to provide a holistic one stop solution centre for all our clients.

We started out having a small warehouse at Megaplex building but had now grown large enough to acquire another two huge warehouses at Alps Avenue to cater for different needs. With larger warehouse space and increase manpower, TIC now excels at providing cost-effective warehousing and inventory management solutions that are aligned to our clients' supply chain strategy.

We have the expertise to help our clients better manage their inventory and distribution requirements, and cutting-edge facilities that comply with the standards set by the Singapore Customs. All our operations and facilities comply with Secure Trade Partnership (STP+) standards set by the Singapore Customs.


We provide warehousing and inventory management services such as the

  • provisioning of warehouse space
  • stocking and tracking of inventory
  • stuffing and unstuffing of cargo
  • local distribution and labelling
  • e-commerce

As change is the only constant, TIC had adapted to the changing economy and ventured into e-commerce. We are now focusing on ways to improve on e-commerce to provide our clients with a seamless experience. 

Let us help you with the logistics aspect while you spend your time on business expansion and marketing.